Yes, I am a Birth Doula, but I am also an Education Doula with a Masters Degree in Education and over twenty  years of teaching experience.

EDUCATION PODS: In the midst of this pandemic parents are faced with a serious decision about sending their children back to school.  The choices seem to be to send them back to the building, have them do online classes or homeschool.  Another choice which you may not have heard about is creating an education pod.

So what is an education pod? An education pod is a small group of families who want their children in a social learning environment, but do not want to send their children back to the larger school an education pod is created consisting of 5-8 children (usually placed according to age groups).  During this time the families have been social distancing and commit to continuing to do so...socializing only within the education bubble.  A teacher is hired by the families and a central meeting location is selected.  Some pods rotate within the members homes.  A curriculum is selected and amazing learning occurs!

My Vision of a Learning Pod:

As previously mentioned the pods have between 5-8 children grouped according to age (5-6, 7-8, etc.).  The pods decide where to meet, how often to meet and for how long. A curriculum is chosen and balanced with learning from the children's passions and curiosity. Each meeting time includes physical activity, lessons on equality, compassion, kindness, mindfulness, etc. and nature plays an intricate part of the curriculum.  Parents are responsible for enrolling their child as a homeschooler with the state. The teacher is responsible for keeping portfolios of the children's work.

FEES:  The fee for each child will depend on the number and length of each meeting time. ($25 per half day, $40 for a full day). The families are responsible for purchasing the selected curriculum and covering the cost of needed materials...($100 per semester). Financial plans can be arranged.

TUTORING (For parents who wish to have their child tutored in grades K-5)

In my 20 plus years of teaching I truly believed and continue to believe that each child is precious and special and has her/his own gifts.  We all learn differently and sometimes in the traditional classroom the teacher cannot realistically address all the different learning styles of each student. Tutoring one on one or in small groups allows this to happen. The child experiences success which allows for greater self-esteem and confidence to explore and be curious.


$20/hour (small group $15/hour)


A Doula is someone who accompanies a person on their journey...empowering them to live and make choices from their own power within.