It is time to listen to the children...so, I am creating a blog as a platform to share children's words of wisdom.

November 11, 2020

Peace...Peace...Peace...within...Heaven on Earth is here now.  How you may ask?  Because it lives inside of us.  We journey within to find it and live from that knowing...So Say the Children

November 17, 2020

Who are today's children?  Why do they seem so different?  How does one "discipline" them?  How does one educate them?  Have there questions crossed your mind?  Do you find yourself pondering these questions?If so, the best place to go is to the experts.  Who are the experts...the answer is the CHILDREN are the EXPERTS!

Children are today's experts on children.  You may be saying that this is ridiculous, but it is truth.   A truth that brings answers to the questions posed above.  Our children, children of today (sometimes called the Phoenix Children) come into world with this clarity.  Clarity about who they are and why they are here.  It is like looking into a mirror and getting a perfectly focused reflection of every aspect of your BEING.  They maintain this clarity until it is clouded by adults who thinking they are the experts, that they know everything and pour this "knowledge" into the children which ultimately clouds this pure reflection.  Children's response to this varies...sometimes it is ultimate rebellion, sometimes it is quiet withdrawal, sometimes it is seeking the answers through self destruction.  And sometimes is sharing their wisdom with an adult who knows and acknowledges their truth and existence.

When an adult takes the time to sit and observe many questions get answered.  What do children love to do?  They love to play no matter how old they are.  So we allow them to play until it is time to go to kindergarten.  Then SERIOUS learning must take place.  Is there a reason why we think playing is not serious learning?  In the world of play so much is discovered, so much is explored and so much is created!  Think of how you as an adult feel when you give yourself time to play.  Are you relaxed...are you smiling...are you laughing...are you happy?  Most likely you answered "yes" to these questions.  When our bodies are less stressed they can integrate so much more than when they are stressed...just like the children. So say the Children.