My name is Terry Damlos. I am a certified Doula...CD(DONA). I presently live in Fleming Island, Florida.  I have four grown children (the youngest is 24) and I will always remember each of their birth stories.  Their births were one of the most life changing events in my life.  The beautiful experience that I had with each of them (two were born in the hospital and two at home) had a lot to do with the emotional support I received during the labor and birth.  I was tenderly and deeply cared for during this experience.  This is why I have chosen to be a Doula.  My intention is to provide the care and support to both the mother and her partner, so they may have the most beautiful, empowered experience,even if circumstances do not allow for the "perfect" birth. 

  I am also a teacher with over twenty years of teaching experience and a Masters Degree in Education. I have seen daily what a tremendous impact school has on children's lives...some positive and some negative.  Children are amazing beings who have a natural curiosity.  As a teacher I feel my role is to open portals of opportunities so this natural curiosity and yearning for learning stays alive in the children.

I believe that being a Teacher is similar to being a Birth Doula.  In both roles I journey with the mother/couple or student offering them guidance and support and assisting them in being fully empowered on their journey.