Sunflowers are a symbol of happiness, optimism, peace and hope.  Our mission is to help you empower your journey, so it is filled with optimism, happiness, peace and hope.

                                               CHILDREN ARE TRULY THE JEWELS OF OUR WORLD.

Empowerment needs to be experienced by the mother, child and partner at birth.  Empowerment also needs to be embraced throughout one's life.  That is why I am both a Birth and Education Doula.  

As a Birth Doula my role is to assist couples with continuous emotional support, physical comfort and assistance in obtaining information before, during and just after the birth.  My role includes ensuring that the mother, partner and baby have a birth experience where they are empowered throughout their journey.

As an Education Doula my role is to assist parents and their children by offering educational alternatives to the traditional school system, assistance in implementing a curriculum, as well as offering individual and small group tutoring services. Once again, my main focus is that the child and parents have an empowered experience and make choices that reflect their truth.

May each of us be empowered. May our children be empowered.  And together may we live a life of happiness, optimism, peace and hope!